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  • Malvika Subba at TrendSetters 17

    Malvika Subba at Trendsetters – Aira Collection

    Here are some images of Malvika Subba attending the Trendsetters - Fashion event in Kathmandu. Supported by Malvika Subba's House of Alternative Apparel, the event featured collection of AIRA. Also present in the event were popular models Aastha Bhandari...

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  • Malvika Subba at Classic Diamond Fashion Show 7

    Malvika Subba at Classic Diamond Fashion show

    Here’s gallery of Malvika Subba recently seen hosting the Classic Diamond Fashion show. ”The Classic Diamond Fashion show will always be one of my all time favorites. The Maharjan Family Amir Maharjan is the bestest to work with.

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  • Malvika Subba and Reeyaz Shrestha Interview

    Malvika Subba & Riyaz Shrestha on Jeevan Saathi

    Malvika Subba and Reeyaz Shrestha appeared in a candid interview program called Jeevan Saathi on Himalaya TV. This is the first time that the couple appeared together on a TV show. Watch the interview to know more on how the couple met each other.

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